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Sisiutl bids you welcome to a site we hope you will find both useful and interesting.

Sisiutl is a multiple-service company that can help you if you are interested in Mexico, be it to do business or to invest in, to trade with, to work or study in, to move to, or simply to visit.

But Sisiutl offers more than just a few services. We want you to visit our site often, to consult our references, to enjoy the works of art we hope to feature.

Our goal is not only to promote our company, but also to get Canadians to know Mexico, and to get Mexicans to discover Canada.

Visit our Services section to find out what we can do for you. While you're at it, take the time to read our Policies; your comments will be appreciated.

We know our limits, and we know there are many services you will require which Sisiutl can't provide. In such cases, we have always counted on Our Friends, and so should you. Small companies with proven track records in their own fields of expertise, they can certainly be of the utmost service to you. Check them out.

Visit our Links section to find many features of interest: here you will find the full texts of a number of relevant laws and international treaties, such as NAFTA; emergency services such as hospitals, clinics and drugstores; domestic and international newspapers and news services; and much more.

If you want to know more about Mexico, subscribe to our free Newsletter.



We are working on the first issue of our Newsletter, and hope to make it available in early September, 2005. It will include the following features:

  • Each issue will also include articles by experts on issues such as immigration laws, taxes, accounting principles and practices, and so on.

  • Your feedback will help us improve this publication, and your contributions will make it a success.



But we can't do this alone. Write us if you want to contribute: there are so many ways to do so. You may want to submit an article, answer readers' queries, or act as a moderator for an upcoming discussion group. Your suggestions, opinions and corrections, so long as they are not offensive in tone or content, will always be welcome.

Send us your Résumé, whether to apply for a job or to allow other visitors to see it.

For the time being, much of our site is under construction. But take a few minutes to look around, and come back and visit us as often as you want.


Our Services

Sisiutl started by offering straight translation services, and translations are still our main area of expertise. The only languages we currently deal with are English, French and Spanish.

Through the years, we have specialized in financial statements, accounting reports, contracts and other legal documents; we also have experience in a number of other fields, and our list of free-lance translators is constantly growing. We will also edit or proofread texts upon request. Quotes on rates can be obtained by writing us.

But translations are not all we offer, and they're not all you will need.

Just think of the challenges inherent in doing business with other countries: laws you don't know, tax obligations you've never heard of, norms and regulations you don't suspect exist.

You may need help in dealing with some of these issues, and we know where to get that help for you.

Where would you get insurance, and what kind do you need? Should you get financing in Mexico, and how would you go about getting it? Are you allowed to drive in Mexico, and should you even consider it? If you plan to send someone down for a few months, where will they live? What kind of visa will they need? What labour obligations do you, as an employer, have in Mexico?

These and many other questions need to be addressed before you start doing business in Mexico.

What about safety? Where should you set up shop? What places should you avoid? Are there local ownership restrictions for foreigners?

You tell us what you plan to do, we'll tell you what's the best way to go about doing it.

Whether it's finding a cleaning service for your offices, or a wholesale dealer in computers; whether you need a publicity campaign going, or you want to find a good school for your senior executives' children, we can help you. You need only write us.



We're working on these. For the time being, please understand we're doing our best to check the accuracy of any information we provide, we try hard not to violate any copyrights, and we'd appreciate a friendly observation if we make a mistake. Also, please consider that we offer links to sites which are owned, held, operated or managed by third parties, and that we have no control over the accuracy of the information they may contain.

We can assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of any person or company whose name appears on our site. We will certainly remove anyone we feel has failed to meet the standards we expect, and will appreciate your reporting any such occurrence to us, but the references we provide are for your convenience only: we have no stake whatsoever in any dealings you may have with anyone whom we recommend.

Please take a few moments to read our Policies also.



Privacy: We are not in the business of trading confidential information. We will never ask you for any information which is not directly relevant to or necessary for our services, and we will never make any information you have shared with us available to any third party unless we have previously obtained, for each such instance, your written consent to do so, or unless formally required to do so by competent legal authorities.

Rest assured we will neither sell, lend, lease nor trade information concerning our visitors, subscribers, or clients.

Contents: We are professional service providers, and we hope to offer you useful and entertaining contents, links to sites that contain relevant and important information, business tools, cultural background material, and much more. What we will not offer is material which a reasonable person would find offensive or obscene, or links to sites that contain such material.

It would be naive to believe we will offend no one: some editorial, some analysis, some special report is bound to irritate someone. What we do promise is that we will not indulge, nor will we accept that any contributor to this site indulge, in denigrating comments based on race, creed, ethnic background or any other similar characteristic. Neither will we permit that material which most people would deem apt only for adults be posted on this site, or that sites containing such material link to ours.

If you feel that anything we publish on this site fails to meet this elemental standard, or if you discover that we have posted a link to a site that does contain offensive material, please write and tell us so.

Also, we invite you to send us your opinions, but please remember that Sisiutl is affiliated with no state agency, political party, non-governmental organization, church, or social movement of any kind, and no contribution will be accepted if it is felt that its primary purpose is to advance the private interests of any such particular group. In other words, your opinions are welcome, your propaganda isn't.

Languages: Languages have always been our bread-and-butter, so we take them very seriously. That's why we offer a completely trilingual site. It's also our way of giving you a taste of the quality of our translations.

On any page on this site, clicking on the "Français" or "Español" links in the upper right-hand corner will immediately take you to the French or Spanish language homepage. Clicking on the "Français" or "Español" links appearing else-where on a page will lead you to the corresponding version of the section you are currently reading. We hope to produce mirror versions of all English and French documents. Spanish-language versions may differ a bit from their English or French counterparts to reflect different circumstances.

All Sisiutl produced texts are available in all three languages; however, entries to be found in the Our Friends, Opportunities and Links sections may not appear in each language: a Link will not appear in the English language section unless the site it links to has relevant information in English; Friends will not be listed in English unless they guarantee they will have someone on call who can communicate with you in English; a person may only be included in the English "Opportunities" section if a reasonable command of the language can be demonstrated. If you are conversant in either of these languages, you might look at the corresponding French and Spanish sections of our site. And remember, we do offer translation services if you need them.

Unsolicited contributions received in only one language will be translated, freely, into the other two languages, but only if time constraints and our workload permit it. The author of the original contribution retains all intellectual rights thereto, but any translation will be considered the intellectual property of Sisiutl, and may not be reproduced without our written permission. Please understand that this is meant as a community service, not as a way for you to get free translations of articles you wish to publish elsewhere.



If you wish to work with us, or if you want to offer your services to others, please send us your résumé Indicate clearly what kind of job you're looking for, and whether you want to work with us or you want to have your résumé made available to our visitors. A few hints:

  • Include no photograph, unless you're looking for a job as a model. And be advised that we, at least, don't need models.

  • Keep it under two pages, and send it in Microsoft Word.

  • Include a brief (three lines at the most) description of the kind of work you are seeking and your qualifications.

We will not post your résumé, but we will publish your description in our Opportunities section. Anyone interested in communicating with you will do so through us, to preserve your anonymity. We will contact you to forward any such communication. The rest is up to you.

If you wish to contact any person whose résumé we have posted, you may do so by writing us. All communications regarding the "Opportunities" section should be sent to emp@sisiutl.net.

We do not charge for this service. Think of it as our way to lend a hand. (We won't refuse voluntary contributions, however.)

Different résumés may appear on our French and Spanish pages. Do feel free to consult these.


Our Friends

These are not paid advertisements: we at Sisiutl have worked with each and every one of these companies, or with one or more of their partners, and we gladly recommend them to you.



Sisiutl specializes in English-French-Spanish translations.

Web Design & Hosting

When we started looking around for someone to help us design our website, we came across this Vancouver-based company. It would be hard to recommend a better service provider.

235.ca Web Design, Hosting & Management
Brian Ripley


Until you've seen Mexico's, you won't know what a real tax jungle is; and you really shouldn't venture into it without a competent guide to blaze your trail. In survey after survey, Mexico ranks among the most difficult countries in the world to start a business or to meet your tax obligations. But the returns justify the toil, if you get the right people to help you.


Specialized in the external audit of Financial Statements, the partners of this Firm, located near the nation's capital, also offer tax and legal consulting services, and have successfully helped international firms set up shop in Mexico.

Contact: Oscar Enrique Rodríguez Castañeda
(Spanish only presentation available)

Financial Planning

Financing, whether in Mexico or elsewhere, is a key factor in determining the viability of your project. You will benefit from consulting this small but highly experienced Mexico City firm.

José A. Solis Aguilar, CPA
(Spanish only presentation available)

Some of Our Friends may only appear on our French or Spanish pages so you might want to consult these also.






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